Kite Advertising


You want to advertise on your kite?

We use self-adhesive rippstop fabric, which was developed especially for labeling kites and parachutes.

The lightweight fabric will hardly burden your kite with weight or volume. The glue leaves no residue. The adhesives are resistant to saltwater and also fit snugly on heavily sewn fabrics.

Even big temperature differences are no problem for the stickers.
The material withstands 140 ° C to -40 ° C. Thus, the stickers are also suitable for snowkiting and ballooning.

We offer a versatile and balanced color palette leaves nothing to be desired.


We can also print directly on your kite.

Our process allows a variation of the color density and maximum color nuances.
The print is perfect if you want to equip your kite permanently with your logo or slogan.

Lowest weight change and no surface change are some of the advantages to Kitebranding.

Tramontana Grafixx is a young, aspiring advertising company that has made a name for itself in the kite surfing and paragliding world in 2009 with the product "KiteBranding".