About Us

About us

Tramontana Grafixx is a young, aspiring advertising company that has made a name for itself in the kite surfing and paragliding world in 2009 with the product “KiteBranding”.

“KiteBranding” is an innovative way to advertise on kites, paragliders or hot air balloons.

Tramontana Grafixx uses a special foil and adhesive that is particularly durable. This foil and the glue can be used in a temperature range from -40 degrees to over +100 degrees and is therefore ideal for use on kites and hot air balloons. Some special features are salt water resistance and exceptional adhesive power.

The versatile and balanced color palette supports all desires. In addition, the branding is removable without leaving any residue and is therefore ideally suited for short-term advertising.

Since 2010, Tramontana Grafixx has worked with top kitesurfing manufacturers, such as: North Kiteboarding, Core, Slingshot and Flysurfer, which Tramontana Grafixx supplies with prints and prints for kites and also with their own clothing and promotional materials.

Tramontana Grafixx has gained a very good reputation in the area of advertising technology. We offer uncomplicated and individual customer care, quick order processing and a convincing price-performance ratio.

We look forward to great cooperations with all our customers and their teams.

“We will see you on the water…. !”

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