IKA / Olympia Kite Sticker


In accordance with the IKA-Formula Kite Class Rule C. 10.2 kites shall display nationality 

identification in the form of National Letters denoting their NOC as per the table within RRS Appendix G1.1.

The National Letters shall be:

  •            in capital letters,
  •            of the same color, 
  •            of the contrasting color to the body of the kite,
  •            of a sans-serif typeface,
  •            clearly eligible when the kite is set,
  •            displayed on the upper part of the kite, with the central character crossing the centerline of the kite.

The height of the characters, space between adjoining characters and stroke thickness shall be related to the kite 

size range defined in Class Rule C.1.1(c) as follows:

Kite size rangeMinimum heightMinimum stroke widthMinimum space between characters
Nominal Size of 11 or bigger500mm80mm100mm
nominal Size of under 11m400mm80mm100mm

Technical Information:

All kitstickers are delivered with a transmission film and are suitable for self -assembly.

Instruction video is available on our YouTube channel

Basic material:
Nylon ripstop fabric 38g/sqm.

The processed acrylat glue is especially modified for extreme strain: it is a synthesis of high power glue value with an optimized temperature tolerance. The temperature range is between -40 °F up to +248 °F (short time also 320 °F).

The cover paper has a silicon finishing on both sides. Due to this feature, the backside will not stick to the cover paper in case the fabric accidentally folds over during the application.


Nominal Size of under 11m: about 1200x430mm

Nominal Size of 11 or bigger: about 1450x520mm

Price per each: 99,50€ plus shipping